Does the family have a criminal past?

As a child, I was told by my grandfather that the Kinshott surname comes from one of my distant relatives being the unfortunate nobleman who shot the arrow that killed King William Rufus while hunting in the New Forest. Although there are many Kingshott's still in that area, this doesn't appear to have much truth to it!

I was also told that my great grandfather, Edward Kinshott was a convicted murderer. He was the son of Superintendent George Kinshott. He married and was then divorced by Alice Walton for having a child with another woman, Dorothy Collins, who he subsequently married. He then completely disappears. I can't find any evidence of his death, any criminal record or even evidence of emmigration.

There have been petty criminals on the Kingshott side. The most notable being John Kingshott who was sentanced to death for his part in The Selborne & Headley Workhouse Riots of 1830 and subsequently transported to Tasmania.